Handi & Gita Wedding | Yogyakarta Wedding Day

When we first met Handi & Gita we knew they were a very special couple. The love and connection between them was immediately apparent and we knew that their wedding day would be one to remember. And yes it was true! There was so much to love about their wedding day which we photographed, especially because it was a traditional wedding.

Gita_Handi wedd_01

Gita_Handi wedd_02

Gita_Handi wedd_03

Gita_Handi wedd_04

Gita_Handi wedd_05

Gita_Handi wedd_06

Gita_Handi wedd_07

Gita_Handi wedd_08

Gita_Handi wedd_09

Gita_Handi wedd_10

Gita_Handi wedd_11

Gita_Handi wedd_12

Gita_Handi wedd_13

Gita_Handi wedd_14

Gita_Handi wedd_15

Gita_Handi wedd_16

Gita_Handi wedd_17

Gita_Handi wedd_18

Gita_Handi wedd_19


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