Agus & Lusi Wedding | Solo Wedding Day

There is no thing we love more than cheerfulness wedding ceremony. Like what we want to share with you today. All of these lovely photos were taken in Agus & Lusi Wedding ceremony. We were so excited to photographed all of lovely moments at that day and we can’t thank enough for Agus and Lusi for sharing their wedding and love story with us!

photoklik_agus&lusi_01 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_02 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_03 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_04 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_05 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_06 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_07 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_08 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_09 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_10 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_11 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_12 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_13 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_14 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_15 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_16 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_17 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_18 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_19 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_20 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_21 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_22 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_23 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_24 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_25 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_26 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_27 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_28 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_29 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_30 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_31 wedding

photoklik_agus&lusi_32 wedding

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