Three Musketeers | Family Portrait

Hello, we are Abi, El, and Zafran. We live in a beautiful house with Mommy. Daddy is not here, because he should lives in other country for doing a job. We love to lough and run around the house . We like to watch superhero’s film like Spiderman and Batman. But, our most favorite hero is our Mom. We love her so much. She always keeps and treats us well. She cooks delicious foods everyday and bought us a lot of good toys.

fam_yanti 00

fam_yanti 01

fam_yanti 02

fam_yanti 03

fam_yanti 04

fam_yanti 05

fam_yanti 06

fam_yanti 07

fam_yanti 08

 We promise, we’ll be a good boy and make her proud.

So, here we go; Abi, El, and Zafran. We are mommy’s Three Musketeers. :)

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